• Training plans

Training plans

We’ve scoured the internet and found a number of training plans you could follow before your challenge. Most of these start from a very basic level of fitness, and so if you are already able to run or cycle a bit further then you may be able to start the plan a few weeks in.

And if you want to add an extra challenge to your cycle training you could always attach a child extension to the back of your bike as our Chairman did for our recent Cycle Challenge!

Brownlee Brothers 6 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

8 week Super Sprint Triathlon training plan from lifetimetri.com

12 week Super Sprint Triathlon training schedule from RunnersWorld.co.uk

12 week Super Sprint Triathlon training plan from LivetoTri.co.uk

Swim tips and training plan for beginners from Active.com

Swimming tips:

Experts also advise beginning swimmers to forget about speed. “If you’re competing in a triathlon, you can’t afford to use your legs too much in the swim because you’ll need them for the bike and run,” warns Shaw. “Reduce the pace of your kick and drive the stroke with your arms.” Instead of trying to cross the pool faster, count your strokes per length and try to reduce the number.

You will also need to do some of your swim training outdoors. When choosing a training site, make sure it is a designated swimming area and always swim with at least one partner. The links below will help you find somewhere you can do this near you.




Please remember each and every body is different and so we can’t advice which plan is be right for you. If you are unsure about any aspect of your training you could try asking for advice at your local gym. And if you have concerns about health or injury, always consult your doctor.



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