• Sun and Skin Awareness

Sun and Skin Awareness

We always need help to spread the word about melanoma. Including how people can keep themselves safe in the sun and the importance of knowing your own skin. As with many illnesses, early detection of melanoma improves outcomes considerably. We are passionate about raising awareness and encouraging everyone to love their skin and be aware of any changes.

If you are worried about a change or abnormality on any otherwise normal skin you should get it looked at by a doctor. It is vital that the result is a confident diagnosis: ‘looks OK’ is not a diagnosis.

We can help you with your awareness event and have a number of items that you can use to help spread the word. These include a leaflet, stickers, t-shirts, collection boxes and sun cream samples.
Whatever you are thinking of staging, big or small, talk to us about how we can help.

Further Information on Melanoma and Sun Safety

We have produced two information resources which fundraisers and event participants will find helpful. Click on the links below to view .pdf versions:

If you would like to obtain copies please email  fundraising@melanomafocus.com .

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