Melanoma patients invited to focus group

by Simon Rodwell | 30 October 2020 10:43

We are currently developing our Patient Decision Aid and would like to invite melanoma patients to take part in a focus group (online format) to help us improve this service.

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New staff at Melanoma Focus

by Simon Rodwell | 30 September 2020 07:32

Following Simon Rodwell’s retirement, Susanna Daniels has taken over as CEO. We are also joined by a new Fundraising Manager, Fiona Prakasam, and Social Media & Digital Officer, Jen Rush.

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Head & Neck Mucosal Melanoma Guideline accepted for publication

by Simon Rodwell | 2 September 2020 18:07

A paper based on this guideline is to be published by the European Journal of Cancer. This is the product of two years’ deliberations and research by a group of clinicians, nurses and patient representatives led by Professor Kevin Harrington and funded by Melanoma Focus. Follow the link for further details and the final documents.

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AUG Mucosal Melanoma Guideline published in leading European journal

by Simon Rodwell | 1 September 2020 08:00

The Ano-uro-genital Mucosal Melanoma National Guideline has been published in the European Journal of Cancer. Follow the link to see more about this important guidance, which is intended to assist patients as well as healthcare professionals. The guideline was developed under Melanoma Focus auspices by a group chaired by the late Professor Martin Gore.

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Advice on Coronavirus for people with melanoma

by Simon Rodwell | 9 June 2020 14:29

Advice about COVID-19 for melanoma patients is now available in the form of FAQs, together with guidance on the pandemic in relation to cancer in general. See also a link to a video for cancer patients.

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Researchers seek feedback from patients on the effects of Coronavirus

by Simon Rodwell | 1 May 2020 13:27

Queen’s University Belfast and University of Aberdeen are running an online international survey into the impact of the pandemic on patients with melanoma & pre-cancerous conditions and their carers. They hope to provide rapid feedback to clinicians and cancer & pre-cancer groups about patient and carer needs. Follow the link for more about the survey.

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More evaluation of smartphone-aided skin cancer diagnosis needed

by Simon Rodwell | 1 March 2020 17:08

Scientific, policy and public interest has focused on the potential role for the use of algorithm-based smartphone apps by patients and healthcare professionals. But recent Cambridge research suggests a cautious approach is required before these innovative technologies can be used safely in the community and in primary care.

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Sentinel Node Biopsy Guideline paper published in JPRAS

by Simon Rodwell | 8 January 2020 09:00

This guideline, originally released as a consensus statement by a group of 70 UK clinicians, nurses and patient representatives convened by Melanoma Focus, has now been published in The Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. Follow the link for further information and access to the published article.

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Updated version of Patient Decision Aid launched

by Simon Rodwell | 2 December 2019 18:11

An new version of this popular online utility, designed to give patients a better understanding of the options open to them, is now available. It covers the latest advances in melanoma medicine such as staging, surgical procedures, adjuvant therapy and treatments and is aimed at helping patients participate more fully in discussions with their clinicians.

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Mucosal melanoma guideline consultation process now open: reviewers invited

by Simon Rodwell | 20 November 2019 11:03

The draft guideline for the second phase of the mucosal melanoma guideline, covering sino-nasal/head & neck disease, is now complete. The charity invites interested parties, including clinicians, patients/carers and patient support organisations, to comment on the draft documents. Follow this link for more information and details of how to become involved.

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