Flu vaccination: melanoma immunotherapy patients advised they should still receive jab

by Simon Rodwell | 15 October 2018 13:27

Immunology expert Professor Christian Ottensmeier says he believes that for these patients there is more harm in NOT vaccinating against flu than there is in vaccinating against it: ‘For inactivated vaccines such as the flu, I tell my patients to continue to have this form of protection.’

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/news-updates/news/#flujab

First safe and effective adjuvant therapy for melanoma is now available on the NHS

by Simon Rodwell | 29 March 2018 18:07

Patients and clinicians have welcomed the announcement of a new adjuvant therapy drug combination. ‘This is the first treatment to be made available that shows a significant reduction in the risk of dying from the recurrence of melanoma after surgery,’ says Melanoma Focus Chairman Professor Paul Lorigan. ‘This milestone will transform outcomes for many patients’.

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‘How Much Is Enough’ melanoma awareness campaign launches

by Simon Rodwell | 12 March 2018 18:11


Altruist Sunscreen and Melanoma Focus unite to raise awareness of the dangers of sun damage and tanning.

The campaign hits back with a new series of ‘scars and all’ content shorts to tell the human stories behind three common skin cancer cases.




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18 May Regional Meeting details available

by Simon Rodwell | 30 January 2018 14:14

The Melanoma Focus 2018 Regional Meeting will take place at Addenbrooke’s, Cambridge on Friday 18 May. The programme is published and bookings can be taken. The Guest Speaker is Dr Jeffrey Weber, NYU Langone Medical Center, who will be speaking on ‘Adjuvant treatment of melanoma’. Space is limited so register now to avoid disappointment.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/meetings/regional-meeting-2018/

November 2017: Mucosal Melanoma Guidelines in write-up phase

by Simon Rodwell | 7 September 2017 22:22

Draft clinical guidelines for ano-uro-genital mucosal melanoma were completed in September and circulated widely for comment. The Guideline Development Group considered all the feedback they received and the final guidelines are currently being written up. Melanoma Focus is grateful to all who took part in this process.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/activities/mucosal-guidelines/

August 2017: Melanoma working group rejects NHS drug retreatment rules

by sophie | 7 August 2017 12:57

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/members/retreatment/