NHS confirms revised stopping and retreatment rules for immunotherapy patients

by Simon Rodwell | 1 February 2019 08:00

NHS England has confirmed its financial support for the re-starting of anti PD-1 treatments for patients with melanoma. Clinicians will now be able to halt treatment after two years confident that funding for the drugs will be available if the disease progresses and the treatment needs to be resumed in the future.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/news-updates/news/#nhse

Melanoma Focus launches Sentinel Node Biopsy Guideline

by Simon Rodwell | 3 December 2018 14:14

New guidance on this surgical procedure and related issues, including the need for completion lymphadenectomy, has been released by a 70-strong group of clinicians, nurses & patient representatives who met in May 2018 to discuss and reach consensus on this controversial topic. Advances in melanoma treatments and the findings of recent trials prompted this review.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/news-updates/news/#snb

First safe and effective adjuvant therapy for melanoma is now available on the NHS

by Simon Rodwell | 22 October 2018 18:07

Patients and clinicians have welcomed the announcement of a new adjuvant therapy drug combination. ‘This is the first treatment to be made available that shows a significant reduction in the risk of dying from the recurrence of melanoma after surgery,’ says Melanoma Focus Chairman Professor Paul Lorigan. ‘This milestone will transform outcomes for many patients’.

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Flu vaccination: melanoma immunotherapy patients advised they should still receive jab

by Simon Rodwell | 15 October 2018 13:27

Immunology expert Professor Christian Ottensmeier says he believes that for these patients there is more harm in NOT vaccinating against flu than there is in vaccinating against it: ‘For inactivated vaccines such as the flu, I tell my patients to continue to have this form of protection.’

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/news-updates/news/#flujab

Professor Martin Gore CBE

by Simon Rodwell | 11 September 2018 12:00

The Royal Marsden announced the death of Professor Gore on 10 January, saying: ‘Martin was at the heart of The Royal Marsden’s life and work in research, treatment and the training of our next generation of oncologists’. Follow this link to see a tribute by Melanoma Focus.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.com/martin-gore