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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information for Healthcare Professionals

Melanoma Focus has posted the following documents to assist patients and healthcare professionals, with information on various aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic relating to melanoma and to cancer in general. These are intended for:

COVID-19 Vaccine: Clinician FAQs and guidance on COVID-19 vaccine for patients receiving
Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (UK Chemotherapy Board)

Patients: COVID-19 Guidance for People being Treated for Melanoma (Harries et al)

Oncologists, Nurses & Pharmacists: Guidelines for Follow-up and SACT for Melanoma during the COVID-19 Pandemic (Lorigan et al)

Surgeons, Clinicians and Nurses: Managing Melanoma Patients during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Surgical Guidance for Clinicians (Peach et al)

Cancer Patients in General: Advice on Coronavirus for people with cancer (One Cancer Voice in partnership with NHS England)

Prescribing Clinicians, All Cancers: Interim treatment change options during the COVID-19 pandemic (endorsed by NHS England)

Health & Care Practitioners and Staff, and Commissioners: COVID-19 rapid guideline: delivery of systemic anticancer treatments (NICE/NHS England)








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