Patient Decision Aid

With the increasing number of treatment choices, many patients struggle to understand all the options available to them. Aided by a panel of clinicians, nurses and patient representatives, Melanoma Focus has produced a melanoma patient decision aid (PDA) to help patients navigate the melanoma care pathway. As well as providing key information on the available treatment choices, the tool is intended to improve communication between patients and their healthcare professionals, helping them participate more effectively in the decision-making processes.

The PDA may be found at

Melanoma Focus would like to thank the following Steering Group members and reviewers for their hard work, advice and assistance in drafting and developing the PDA:

Dr Mark Harries (lead clinician), Dr Katharine Acland, Dr Clare Barlow, Debbie Beirne, Joanne Bird, Dr Andrew Birnie, Mr Oliver Cassell, Professor Martin Cook, Dr Carie Corner, Dr Pippa Corrie, Michael Cox, Dr Oliver Donnelly, Dr Robert Ellis, Mrs Jenny Geh, Jane Henderson, Jackie Hodgetts, Mr Daliv Humzah, Dr James Larkin, Professor Paul Lorigan, Professor Richard Marais, Dr Maria Marples, Dr Jerry Marsden, Dr Andrew Muinonen-Martin, Dr Paul Nathan, Professor Julia Newton-Bishop, Dr Miranda Payne, Mr Howard Peach, Professor Barry Powell, John Rouse, Dr Joseph Sacco, Mr Nanak Sarhadi, Dr Fiona Walter and Dr Victoria Woodcock.

There are plans to develop an app-based version, which will be announced here. If you have any questions or comments please email Simon Rodwell.





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