Video: Immunotherapy Treatment for Patients

A new video has been released by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals (LTH). It is available by following this link:

Dr Ruth Board, who led the project at LTH, sets out the background to the video:

‘In recent years there have been significant advances in treatments for cancer. Notably the introduction of immunotherapy drugs into the clinic has led to real improvements in outcomes for cancer patients. A number of immunotherapy drugs are available in the clinic and are routinely used in the treatment of melanoma.

‘These drugs work by harnessing the patients’ own immune system to target and kill the cancer cells. Side effects experienced during these treatments are very different to those seen with traditional cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs. For example, it is unusual for patients to vomit due to immunotherapy and the vast majority of patients don’t experience any hair loss.

‘Before starting new treatments, chemotherapy units and doctors spend some time educating patients about what to expect. In a number of cases this involves watching an online video outlining typical side effects, who to contact and what to expect. Many of these focus on cytotoxic chemotherapy and may be confusing to patients about to embark on a course of immunotherapy treatment.

‘At LTH we have developed a patient education video specifically aimed at patients about to start immunotherapy treatment. This project was led by Dr Ruth Board, consultant medical oncologist and Lead Cancer Clinician at the Lancashire Cancer Centre. Together with Alfred So, a Manchester University medical student (based at LTH) and Catherine Lamoon from the LTH blended learning team, a script and video was developed for patients to watch before starting their immunotherapy treatment. The script for the video was developed with the involvement of 12 patients from LTH, all at different stages of their immunotherapy treatment.

‘The LTH team are pleased to be able to share this video with Melanoma Focus and hope that patients and professionals find it helpful.​’

Please note the following conditions for using the video:

The Immunotherapy Video (“the Video”) has been created by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (LTHTr). The video is licensed by LTHTr on a royalty-free basis for non-commercial use. By downloading, accessing or running the video you agree to use it solely for non-commercial purposes and on the following terms;

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Any use of the video must acknowledge LTHTr as the author of the video.

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