• Continuity and COVID-19

Continuity and COVID-19

Melanoma Focus continuity and COVID-19 March 2020

COVID-19 guidance is changing rapidly and the pandemic is set to change all of our lives. We have already had to postpone our critical Regional medical meeting in May 2020.

As a small charity, we rely on your support to continue providing our important nurse-led Melanoma Helpline for patients, carers and the general public and our growing number of services for doctors, nurses and scientists.

We are working on contingency plans, but any donation makes a massive difference.

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We wanted to reassure you that the Melanoma Focus team are all working virtually and can be contacted on our regular email addresses:

Melanoma Helpline tel 0808 801 0111 or email
Membership & Meetings mbridge@melanomafocus.com
Fundraising jane@melanomafocus.com

Please do stay in contact and find us on social media to help promote #melanomaawareness and our cause over the forthcoming months:


Your support for Melanoma Focus is, as always, hugely valued.

Thank you.

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