• AUG Mucosal Melanoma Guideline – Chairman’s Statement

AUG Mucosal Melanoma Guideline – Chairman’s Statement

Following publication of the guideline in June 2018, Professor Gore said:

‘As a rare and often lethal form of melanoma, without obvious risk factors and often identified only at an advanced stage, ano-uro-genital mucosal melanoma presents a major clinical challenge.

‘With few randomised controlled trials on which to base our research, we relied on the large body of evidence that relates treatments to outcomes – interpreted through the skill and experience of the expert group formed to do this work.

‘We are confident that this new guideline will mark an improvement in the knowledge available to clinicians as well as patients. Hopefully it will also provide the healthcare community with authoritative recommendations for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, while benefiting patients and carers by helping them understand the options open to them and what to expect.

‘Given the advances now being made in the field of cutaneous melanoma, it is timely that Melanoma Focus has funded this project to improve practical knowledge of this rare subset of the disease. I believe this guideline, whose methodology is accredited by NICE, will be adopted as a standard in the UK as well as being influential internationally.

‘On behalf of the Guideline Group and the wider melanoma community, I want to thank Melanoma Focus and its Chief Executive Officer Simon Rodwell in particular, for giving us the practical support and encouragement to develop this guidance.’

The death of Professor Gore was announced on 10 January 2019. Follow this link to see a tribute by Melanoma Focus.

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