AVAST-M Trial – Patient Update

The interim results of this major clinical trial were announced in June 2013 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) conference in Chicago.

Dr Pippa Corrie, the Chief Investigator of the AVAST-M Trial, said:

‘In common with most large and complex studies, it will be some time before we can confidently establish the outcome of the AVAST-M trial. There are early signs that Avastin may delay the recurrence of melanoma, but we need to do more work to understand the long-term impact of our findings. If this indication is borne out over time, Avastin could make a useful contribution in the fight against melanoma.

‘We are extremely grateful to all those patients who took part in this trial, as well as the melanoma specialist doctors and nurses in hospitals throughout the UK. As further findings become available, we plan to share them with patients and healthcare professionals’.

Please see The AVAST-M Patient Newsletter for further details







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