Commissioning and funding innovative melanoma research, while providing support and information for patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

Launched in October 2012, Melanoma Focus was set up to concentrate efforts in the fight against melanoma and skin cancer. Melanoma Focus brings together a previous charity of the same name and the Melanoma Study Group, building on and developing their educational, information and fundraising activities.

Melanoma Focus differs from many other medical charities in combining a professional core membership, consisting of melanoma scientists, clinicians and nurses, with a mission to undertake research and education, while providing information at various levels for patients, carers and other healthcare professionals.

Our activities include:

    • Commissioning melanoma research of all kinds, including tissue-based research and patient-related studies through our Patient Impact Programme
    • Running the Melanoma Helpline to support anyone in the UK with questions about melanoma.
    • Providing accessible information about melanoma to the general public, especially carers and patients (see Signposting below)
    • Making educational and networking resources available to clinicians, scientists and nurses
    • Working with Hospital Trusts to collate and analyse data about melanoma cases using a specialist central database – see Melanoma Database Project
    • Hosting, each year, the national ‘Focus on Melanoma’ Meeting as well as a specialist Regional Meeting
    • Taking part in UK-wide campaigns and information programmes.


Rather than repeating advice about melanoma that is already well covered by other charities and cancer organisations, we will concentrate on providing a comprehensive set of selected links to these websites (see Weblinks), as well as guides and Summaries of Scientific Papers and recent News & Updates covering the melanoma field.

Fundraising & Donating

Visit our fundraising pages to find out more about how you can support our work.

If  you would like to make a donation to Melanoma Focus, please use the donate button at the top right of this website, or follow this link for further information.




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